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2024-04-15 00:00:00 UTC

Let's get started!

first prototype

Hi! My name is Evgeniy Agasyants and I make a font editor typlr.app.

This is a screenshot (above) from two years ago with the first proof of concept. Once, when I was just starting to draw fonts, I wanted my own editor. This idea that has been haunting me for years. But I didn't understand how to do it. But last year I started building a solid prototype.

So he remained the prototype, up to this point. Several design pubs posted a link to project, the guys wrote on Twitter and telegram channels. And currently there are 70 registered users, and 30 visitors per day.

And the service itself begins to look like a real one. Below is an example of a Typlr Sans font that I make exclusively in the typlr.app. Kerning and components are already working (partly), and ligatures and export to opentype are on the way.

first font

For me, it's a great hobby, combining an interest in programming and type design. Once a week I make small updates in the editor and on the website. Things aren't moving that fast, but I don't plan on stopping. I think the project will be available to all users for free by the end of the year. And you can always support me financially or by share about typlr.app.

Current spotlight
— There is a Forum section on the site where you can write about bugs and suggestions for improvement.

— The email authorization has returned. It works on the principle of a magic link: link arrives in the mailbox, to click on the link and you are logged in. You don't need to remember any passwords.

— You can change the width of the text block. To do this, select the Text tool, point to the right border and click.

— The Hand tool has a new icon. And this cat's paw is a hint at a common joke phrase in Russian: I have paws.


Let's make fonts and editor for them 🖤

That's all for now, write to the mail: agasyanc@gmail.com